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Forklift sprung snow plough

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Forklift Sprung Snow Plough

Forklift Sprung Snow Plough

This heavy duty spring loaded snow plough enables snow clearing with your forklift truck from areas where hidden objects are likely, for example, raised drains and hard debris.

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Forklift Sprung Snow Plough Features

This high quality, robust forklift snow plough is perfect for heavy duty snow clearing tasks. The steel scoop with rolled blade edge incorporates an extra heavy duty steel wear strip complete with rubber blade for ultimate protection to the wear edge.

Both the steel wear strip and 20mm thick rubber blade are replaceable and so will ensure the longevity of the plough.

In addition, heavy duty castors are fitted at the rear section, these help to push and position the plough. The castors should be positioned so that they just make contact with the ground.

The forklift sprung snowplough uses heavy duty springs which are shock absorbing to help to protect the scoop when making contact with hard/raised objects, minimising damage. Lift chains should be fitted and kept taught in order to support the forks and weight of the plough.

The blade or scoop can be positioned full to the left or right and anywhere in between by taking out the lynch pins and drop in pins then moving the scoop to the angle required before popping the pins back in to secure the position. The angled blade and set position will ensure the snow is pushed away to where you want it too during ploughing.

This forklift attachment will fit most forks thanks to the generously sized fork pockets to slide onto the truck's forks. The attachment is then secured with a zinc plated screw retainer pin at the rear of each fork.

There are 3 sizes available in the forklift sprung snow plough range, the scoop lengths are 1525mm, 1830mm or 2130mm so consider the area to be cleared and storage space available before choosing.

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Model Width Cleared Rubber Blade Insert Max. Fork Size Fork Spread Weight C of G
SSP 1525RC 1525mm Yes 140 x 50mm 830mm 160kg 869mm
SSP 1830RC 1830mm Yes 140 x 50mm 830mm 170kg 889mm
SSP 2130RC 2130mm Yes 140 x 50mm 830mm 180kg 906mm

SSP forklift sprung snow plough dimensions
Model A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm)
SSP 1525RC 1525 550 380 804
SSP 1830RC 1830 550 380 804
SSP 2130RC 2130 550 380 804