Yard scraper forklift attachment

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Yard Scraper Forklift Attachment

Yard Scraper Forklift Attachment

Keep your working areas clear of debris without labour intensive manual sweeping with a yard scraper forklift attachment. The quickest and easiest way to ensure hazardous materials are cleared from the ground.

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About the Yard Scraper Forklift Attachment

Ideal for larger working areas, inside and out, the forklift yard scraper makes light of clearing the ground of debris thus making it safer. No more trip hazards, tyre issues or obstacles in your way when trying to move loads around. Great for use in recycling plants, warehouses, foundries, metal processing and fabrication areas and much more.

The FMYS forklift yard scraper is easy to fit, simply drive your forklift into the large fork pockets on the scraper and tighten up the screw clamps to secure in place. That's it, you are ready to go!

Manufactured from 6mm thick steel with additional braces for strength and durability. The bottom scraping edge has a heavy duty wear strip as well as a rubber blade insert for the highest protection against damage to the scraper and the ground.

The yard scraper forklift attachment is three sided, there is a wider back plate and two angled sides. As the scraper is pushed around the yard with your forklift truck, debris will be funnelled by the angled sides into the centre back area, minimising rubbish escaping from the sides. Rubbish from all over your area to be cleared can be pushed into one location ready for picking up and removing (probably manually).

There are two sizes available, the smallest can clear widths of 1500mm and the largest 1800mm and come fully tested and certified.

Other Forklift Attachments for Ground Clearing

Lifting Gear Direct can supply a range of forklift attachments suitable for a ran of ground clearing tasks. Our snow plough collection has multiple options and are great for clearing fresh and compacted snow. Our range of forklift brushes enables the easy sweeping and scrubbing away of dirt and rubbish whilst the magnetic sweeper will enable the pick up of metal objects.

A clean and clear yard and factory floor not only looks better but is much safer.

Model Width Cleared Max. Fork Size Fork Spread
FMYS 1500 R 1500mm 140 x 50mm 830mm
FMYS 1800 R 1800mm 140 x 50mm 830mm