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Adjustable blade forklift snow plough

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Adjustable Blade Forklift Snow Plough

Adjustable Blade Forklift Snow Plough

Fit this adjustable snow plough to your forklift truck and clear away any snow from your working areas. Adjustable to clear to the left, right or straight ahead.

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Adjustable Blade Forklift Snow Plough Features

Made from heavy duty steel with a rolled blade edge with the addition of a heavy duty wear strip this adjustable blade forklift snow plough makes light work of clearing both freshly fallen or more compacted snow.

Unlike the fixed blade forklift snow plough this model comes with a rubber blade insert as standard, this provides additional protection to the blade edge when scraped across uneven ground and raised debris.

The angled blade will push the snow in the direction you have set the scoop to, left right or straight ahead. Adjustment is straight forward by removing the lynch pins & removable drop in pins then manually move the blade to the required position before re-inserting the pins to fix in place.

The larger sized fork pockets enable the truck to drive the forks straight in for easy attachment. The attachment is secured to the forks with two screw in clamps. This model also has the addition of two heavy duty castors at the rear which aids the movement of the scoop.

There are scoop 3 sizes available in this range of adjustable snow ploughs, the smallest scoop is 1525mm long, the mid size is 1830mm long and the largest is 2130mm long. You choice will depend on the size of the area to be cleared, the speed of clearing required and of course your available space for storing when not in use.

Other Forklift Attachments for Yard Clearing

Lifting Gear Direct offer a range of forklift attachments designed to aid in the clearing of debris from workplace yards, parking areas and factory floors. Besides this adjustable blade snow plough we offer a fixed blade plough as well as a sprung bladed plough. Other yard clearing attachment for forklift trucks include sweeping brushes in a range of sizes as well as a yard scraper for collecting and directing rubbish for picking up from a designated location.

Model Width Cleared Rubber Blade Insert Max. Fork Size Fork Spread Weight C of G
ASP 1525 1525mm Yes 140 x 50mm 830mm 133kg 752mm
ASP 1830 1830mm Yes 140 x 50mm 830mm 142kg 773mm
ASP 2130 2130mm Yes 140 x 50mm 830mm 150kg 789mm

adjustable forklift snow plough dimensions
Model A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm)
ASP 1525 1525 550 380 804
ASP 1830 1830 550 380 804
ASP 2130 2130 550 380 804