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Forklift snow plough with fixed blade

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Forklift Snow Plough with Fixed Blade

Forklift Snow Plough with Fixed Blade

Clear away fresh or compacted snow using a forklift snow plough with fixed blade. Easy to fit and come with a steel wear strip as standard with the option of a rubber blade insert for extra protection.

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About the Forklift Snow Plough with Fixed Blade

When the snow hits, working conditions can become hazardous and moving goods and vehicles around can become very difficult and more time consuming.

If you have a forklift truck you can use it to clear away large areas of snow with relative ease if you attach a forklift snow plough with fixed blade.

These snow ploughs are easy to fit onto the forks thanks to the large fork pockets designed to fit most fork sizes, they are held in place by zinc plated retaining screw clamps.

Manufactured from 6mm thick steel with a rolled steel blade the fixed blade snow plough is quite robust. The addition of a 10mm wear strip offers added protection to the blade edge when it makes contact with the ground during snow scraping. This strip is replaceable which can extend the working life of your plough.

Additionally there is the option to have 20mm thick rubber blade inserts fitted between the plough rolled edge and wear strip, this provides even more protection to the plough and is ideal when used on rough and/or uneven ground.

Another optional extra is the addition of castors to aid in the movement of the plough.

This fixed blade forklift snow plough has been designed at an angle and will scoop the snow to the left side. With CE marks and certificates of conformity you can be assured of a quality product.

Other Forklift Snow Ploughs, Scrapers & Sweeper Attachments

Other than this fixed blade snow plough Lifting Gear Direct can supply a sprung bladed model complete with rubber strip and castors as standard as well as the Adjustable blade model for snow clearing to the left, right or straight ahead.

We can also supply a yard scraper for clearing loose debris and funnelling it to a suitable point for picking up. Forklift brush attachments and sweepers are also great for yard and factory floor clearing with minimal effort. Check out our full collection of forklift truck attachments to enhance and make the most of your forklift.

Model Width Cleared Rubber Blade Insert Max. Fork Size Fork Spread Weight C of G
FMP 1220 1220mm No 140 x 50mm 140 x 50mm 90kg 687mm
FMP 1525 1515mm No 140 x 50mm 140 x 50mm 99kg 708mm
FMP 1830 1830mm No 140 x 50mm 140 x 50mm 108kg 726mm
FMP 2130 2130mm No 140 x 50mm 140 x 50mm 117kg 740mm
FMP 1220 R 1220mm Yes 140 x 50mm 140 x 50mm 95kg 697mm
FMP 1525 R 1525mm Yes 140 x 50mm 140 x 50mm 106kg 718mm
FMP 1830 R 1830mm Yes 140 x 50mm 140 x 50mm 117kg 736mm
FMP 2130 R 2130mm Yes 140 x 50mm 140 x 50mm 129kg 750mm

Model A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm)
FMP 1220 1220 517 380 830
FMP 1525 1525 517 380 830
FMP 1830 1830 517 380 830
FMP 2130 2130 517 380 830
FMP 1220 R 1220 550 380 830
FMP 1525 R 1525 550 380 830
FMP 1830 R 1830 550 380 830
FMP 2130 R 2130 550 380 830
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