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Forklift Brushes – ES Series

Forklift Brushes – ES Series

The ES series of forklift brushes or Easy Sweep broom sweeper for forklift trucks provides a means to rid your indoor and/or outdoor workspace of unwanted ground debris. They are quick and easy to fit to the forks whenever you need them. There are four models available.

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About the ES Series of Forklift Brushes

Each model in the ES forklift brush range has a broom width of 1800mm and bristle heights of 310mm so the sweeper is large enough to clean a wide area in one pass. The key difference between each model in the number of bristle rows. The base, economy model for light duty tasks has 5 rows, the intermediate ES1800 model for medium duty tasks has 8 rows and the heavy duty model for more arduous tasks has 11 rows of bristles. The more bristles the better the clean!

There are 2 size variations for the heavy duty model to suit different fork sizes, you can find out the specifics in the technical details table above.

A key benefit to the ES forklift brushes is that each row of bristles can be removed individually allowing them to be easily cleaned or replaced. The bristles are made from sturdy polypropylene for a great clean and longer service life. Sand, gravel, leaves and even snow & water can be cleared away with a forklift brush from the ES series.

Another bonus is the integral lugs incorporated into the design, these lugs enable the retro fitting of a magnetic bar at a later date, this combination separates the metal debris from normal.

Each model is made from a 3mm pressed steel body with incorporated fork pockets for quick fitting to the forks of your truck. They are secured with a 'T' screw retaining pin apart from the heavy duty models which have a longer 1000mm pocket that secures with a heel pin.

Other Forklift Sweeper Attachments

Although the above are typical brush style with bristles there are a couple of different types of sweepers available from Lifting Gear Direct.

Our Magnetic Sweepers enable the quick and easy collection of all ferrous metal debris from the ground. No more nails in tyres, or feet! These are ideal for those who work with metal such as steel plants and fabrication yards.

There are many other types of attachments for forklifts to enhance your truck to lift and move all manner of loads, from drum handling attachments to hook attachment to lift loads slung under the forks. Extensions and protective covers for your forks are also available. Browse the complete range of forklift attachments to see all we have to offer.

Model Broom Width No. of Bristle Rows Bristle Height Max. Fork Size
ES ECO 1800mm 5 310mm 180 x 80mm
ES 1800 1800mm 8 310mm 180 x 80mm
ES HD 1800mm 11 310mm 140 x 50mm
ES HD BP 1800mm 11 310mm 180 x 80mm