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Forklift Mounted Drum Lifter – DLFG1 & DLFG2

Forklift Mounted Drum Lifter – DLFG1 & DLFG2

This forklift mounted drum lifter is designed to lift a steel drum from the top rim. Automatic grab and deposit function means that the forklift driver doesn't have to leave the cab to lift and set down a drum.

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About the Forklift Mounted Drum Lifter DLFG Series

There are 2 models in this range, the first can handle 1 steel drum and the second can handle 2 steel drums. Both models operate in the same way. Top lifting capacities are 360kg or 2 x 360kg for the 2 drum model.

The DLFG drum lifter is easy to mount on the forks of your truck. Simply slide them on and secure with the rear screw clamps. Please ensure you check the size of the forks against the size of the fork pockets on the device to ensure they will fit. These can be found under the specifications tab above.

When the forklift is driven towards the drum, and it rests against the lower rear support guide the top grab has an automatic, positive grip action and will automatically lock onto the top rim and its ready to lift. When setting the drum back down, as soon as the drum rests firmly on solid ground and the weight taken off the device the grab/clamp will auto-release, so you can simply reverse away.

The grabber clamp can be adjusted to 3 different heights in order to best suit your operation.

Made from powder coated heavy duty steel, these devices are easy to keep clean and maintain.

Make the most out of your forklift truck with one of these forklift mounted drum lifters DLFG1/2 and automatically lift and drop your 210 litre steel drums wherever you need them.

Other Forklift Mounted Drum Handling Equipment

You really can make the most out of a forklift truck with a special attachment to handle drums & barrels, this is especially so if the forklift is little used. These are perfect if you handle drums on a regular basis.

The forklift mounted drum handling collection at Lifting Gear Direct incorporates a range of attachments to lift drums in different ways. Some attachments can also rotate the drums to facilitate easy emptying.

Browse the full range to find the right model for your drum handling operation. We also supply drum trucks, trolleys and dollies as well as drum lifting tongs and grabs and a range of drum rotators should you wish to compare other drum handling methods.

No. of Steel Drums 1 2
Lifting Capacity 360kg 2 x 360kg
Max. fork entry size 140 x 55mm 150 x 55mm
Weight 60kg 105kg