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Tractel corso beam clamp

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Tractel Corso Beam Clamp

Tractel Corso Beam Clamp

This is a simple beam clamp to create and anchor point on a steel beam to hold loads of up to 10 tonne. With up to 10000kg working load limits you can count on the Tractel Corso Beam Clamp for heavy duty lifting operations.
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About the Corso beam clamp

There are 5 model choices with the Corso beam clamp, the first two (1000kg & 2000kg) can fit beam flanges from 75mm to 230m; whilst the larger three (3000kg, 5000kg & 10000kg) fit flanges from 80mm to 330mm.

The clamp is easy to fit within these ranges to most steel beams. It is the threaded central spindle which enables the easy adjustment of this beam clamp. Simply turn one way to open it up, locate the clamp recesses onto the beam flange and turn the spindle the opposite way to tighten it right up.

Now you have a robust anchor point from which to fit other lifting devices like chain blocks or electric hoists.

You should regularly check this throughout its use to ensure it remains tight and therefore secure. There is also a grub screw which can be tightened to prevent the spindle bar from rotating during use.

Produced in accordance with the 2006/42/EC directive.

Other Beam Attachment Options.

There are numerous other types of attachments suitable for creating anchor points on a steel beam. There are a number of beam clamps from a range of manufacturers as well as beam trolleys which come in different types. Push travel, geared or electric beam trolleys from top brands are all available from Lifting Gear Direct, browse the complete collection to find your perfect beam attachment.

Model WLL (KG) Recommended I rail width (mm) Weight (KG)
LT-1B 1000 75-235 4.8
LT-2B 2000 75-240 5.6
LT-3B 3000 95-335 11
LT-5B 5000 95-330 12.3
LT-10B 10000 90-300 21