Delta bottle jack

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Delta Bottle Jack

Delta Bottle Jack

The Delta bottle jack is a compact hydraulic lifting tool which is ideal for keeping in your vehicle for easy tyre changes should the need arise. They can also be useful for many other lifting tasks and come in a range of lifting capacities. We supply up to 10 tonne capacities as standard though higher ones can be supplied. They are often cheaper and much smaller than a floor type jack.

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About the Delta Bottle Jack

The Delta bottle jack is typically used for lifting objects vertically such as lifting vehicles, from cars and SUV's to trucks and tractors; they can also be used for lifting up machinery and industrial equipment. In fact they can be used to lift many objects as long as there is enough space underneath to position the jack. Our smallest 2 tonne bottle jack measures just 158mm high when closed so can fit under quite low objects, it will be able to raise the load by a further 140mm. There is a choice of 5 models with differing capacities and liftable distances so be sure to check out the specifications.

Using the Delta Hydraulic Bottle Jack

These bottle jacks are quite easy to operate even for a novice. One of the most important things to remember is that it needs to be used on a solid surface, you do not want the jack tilting! Another important safety note is that you should NEVER go under a load held by a bottle jack of any kind unless additional support is in place.

The Delta jack must be positioned at the appropriate jacking points indicated on most vehicles for the best stability. If multiple bottle jacks are used they should be raised in tandem with each other to prevent stability issues.

When the jack is properly in position turn the saddle until contact is made with the load, the delivery valve should be closed at this point(clockwise). Insert the lever and pump to slowly raise the saddle, checking position and stability.

Once at the required height it reached is common place to position additional support stands especially for vehicles so that they can be worked on more safely. These will need to be removed before the bottle jack is lowered using the release valve.

It is re4commended that the hydraulic oil is replaced every 12 months to obtain the maximum working life of the jack. Follow the manufacturers instructions.

More Hydraulic Lifting Solutions

At Lifting Gear Direct you will find a wide range of commonly used hydraulic equipment used for lifting applications. We supply bottle jacks, cylinders, pumps, floor jacks and a range of hydraulic fittings. Hydraulic tools can be found here too such as the hydraulic chain cutter.

Whatever your lifting needs you will most likely find a solution at at the UK's leading specialist, Lifting Gear Direct.

Model Capacity (tonne) Net. Weight (kg) A dimension B dimension C dimension
SG.GR.02000 2 2.3 158mm 90mm 50mm
SG.GR.03000 3 3.2 180mm 110mm 50mm
SG.GR.05000 5 4.2 200mm 125mm 60mm
SG.GR.08000 8 5.3 200mm 125mm 60mm
SG.GR.10000 10 5.6 200mm 125mm 60mm

delta bottle jack dimensions