Demag dcm pro manulift hoist

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Demag DCM-Pro Manulift Hoist

Demag DCM-Pro Manulift Hoist

The Demag DCM Pro Manulift hoist offers very versatile load handling solutions, and could be your perfect workshop companion. This hoist comes from our good selection of Demag electric hoists, always a name you can trust. Factories, warehouses, processing and manufacturing plants often have the need for lifting and handling goods quickly and single handedly.
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 Sometimes a helping hand is needed, especially in the case of heavier items. This is where many companies employ the use of an electric hoisting system to aid their workers and increase productivity and safety.

Versatility of the Demag DCM Pro Manulift HoistDCM-Pro hoist

The Demag DCM pro Manulift hoist has been put together to enable handling loads with just one hand. The electric hoist is the DC-pro but with the addition of a special hand operated control unit, the DSM-C. You can regard this device as an extension of your own hand, but with the capability of lifting much heavier and awkward loads. 

Electric Hoist Attachments

The versatility of the Manulift is second to none because there are a number of tools / load handling attachments which lock into the hand held device. These handling tools can be used to aid in the handling of a wide variety of objects. The range includes hooks, grippers, tongs and hook adapters which can be connected very easily via the connecting pin which incorporates a swivel locking mechanism for extra safety. Changing attachments is also quick and easy thanks to the quick release coupling pin. 

Flexibility and Features of a Demag Electric Hoisting System

The Demag DCM Manulift electric hoist can be used by both left and right handed people and has a horizontally positioned handle to enable it to be pulled into position effortlessly. The Manulift can handle loads from 80kg up to 250kg depending on the model variant chosen. 

This makes it surprisingly flexible, allowing it to take on a range of different lifting jobs with ease. So, whatever your usage requirements, it will be a great tool to have to hand when loads need to be shifted. 

Reliability & Safety Features 

Being able to operate it with just one hand is an obvious advantage when it comes to improving control. Another perk is that it has a long service life, with the manufacturer promising up to a decade of use from key components like the gearbox and clutch. This will reduce the likelihood of unexpected downtime and keep the hoist in good condition even with repeated use.   

The exterior parts and components are coated with a material which reflects ultraviolet rays, reducing wear and tear from light and minimising corrosion. This keeps the electric hoisting system looking good and working seamlessly. 

Demag is known for its impeccable safety standards, and the DC-Pro Manulift Hoist is no different to its other products. The slipping clutch is equipped with speed monitoring capabilities to stop unexpected jumps and jolts. Load limits can be set using switches to keep it stable and secure, according to your requirements. Overall it is a well equipped, sturdy hoist with a price point to match. We also sell hoists from Verlinde, Kito, Stahl and others if you are looking for alternative options. 

The Electric Hoist unit itself is the respected Demag DC-Pro; you can see the hoist specifications with other relevant information on the Demag DC- Pro product page here

Buy a Demag Electric Hoist Right Now 

Make the most of the abilities that the DC-Pro Manulift has to offer by buying one from Lifting Gear Direct. Contact us via the web or call our hotline on 01384 76961 if you have any questions about this product or any of the other gear we have for sale. We know what makes this market tick.





LC (KG)Manulift DCM-ProLifting speed (m/min)Hook path (m)FEMReevingWeight (KG) for hook path 
8018/29.6 / 2.42.8 and 4.34m1/12224
12518/29.6 / 2.44m2224
20028/29.6 / 2.43m2224
25028/29.6 / 2.42m+ 1)2224
1) 2m+ corresponds to 1,900 hours at full load