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Kito ed electric hoist

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Kito ED Electric Hoist

Kito ED Electric Hoist

The Kito Ed electric hoist is a series of compact and lightweight, high speed hoists. Because they are light and compact they are much easier to transport and handle when compared to other makes. The EDC model is the tool handling hoist.

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These hoists are available in a range of models which include the ED single speed and dual speed models and the EDC cylinder type, tool handling model. Low voltage options are also available. Lifting capacities come in increments from 60kg up to 480kg and so can be utilised for many day to day lifting tasks. 

Key Features of the Kito ED Electric Hoist

The main body of the Kito ED is made from die-cast aluminium; it is this which essentially makes it light in weight. Designed with low headroom in mind the Kito ED is easy to install and use even in the tightest of spaces.

These electric hoists incorporate a heavy duty motor with 300-600W. A compact DC motor including an AC rectifier ensures low heat generation whilst maintaining duty cycles.

The load brake has an in-built friction clutch for optimum safety. This will slip in the case or overloading or over winding to prevent damage. The braking system also boasts dual brakes and uses both regenerative and mechanical ones, this ensures maximum safety. The upper limit switches also add to the safety of the Kito ED electric hoist.

The oil bath immersed ball & needle bearings ensure smooth running and low noise operation.

The dual speed models can have the speed adjusted from 0 to 100% of the maximum speed. This is done via a special setting screw which is located inside the push button switch. The cylinder control, tool handling model incorporates a soft touch rocker switch just above the hand grip. This enables quick changes from high to low speeds. In addition there is a turn able knob which enables customisable speed control settings.

kito ed electric hoist


The main benefits of this hoist are its compactness, lightweight, speed and reliability. The smallest 60kg model weighs in at just 12kg, whilst the biggest 480kg model weighs just 21kg.


Standard Specifications

  • Standard lift: 3 metres (push control) or 1.8 metres (cylinder control.
  • Voltage: 1 phase AC 120V or 240V both for 50Hz & 60Hz
  • Motor Insulation: Class F
  • Enclosure: IP54
  • Operation: Push button or cylinder type
  • Operating temperature: -20 to +40 degrees Celsius.
  • Operating Humidity: 85% or less.

Other options

If this hoist is not quite what you are looking for Lifting Gear Direct can offer many other similar hoisting equipment  or other tool handling options from all the top manufacturers including more hoists from Kito, for example, we have a range of tool handling options  or a single speed hoist from Yale, the CPV electric hoist.

We can also provide repairs, maintenance and inspections to any electric hoist, all work is carried out by our own team of qualified engineers and appropriate paperwork is always given. Make Lifting Gear Direct your one stop place to go to for any type of lifting equipment, our prices are rarely beaten. Call our sales team if you need more information or a quote.




Kito ED Electric Hoist Dimensions

ed hoist dimensions

Kito EDC Tool Handling Hoist Dimensions

Dimensions a 364 428

d 187 205

e 177 223

f 205 219

h 125 135

I 80 84

g 25

j 25

k 340 362

m 92

n 73

Kito ED Electric Hoist Specifications

Single Lifting Speed with 3 metres standard HOL

TypeCapacity (KG)FEMLifting speed (m/min)Duty Rating (% ED)Chain fallsHeadroom (mm)

Dual Lifting Speed with 3 metres HOL as standard

TypeCapacity (KG)FEMLifting speed (m/min)Duty Rating (% ED)Chain fallsHeadroom (mm)

Kito EDC Electric Tool Handling Hoist Specifications

WLL 60kg 100kg 180kg 160kg 240kg
Motor Output 300w 600w
Lifting Speed (m/min) High 20.1/Low 4 High 12.5/Low3 High 7.7/Low3 High 19.2/Low 4 High 12.9/Low3
IP Protection IP44
Duty Rating %ED 300 20 30
Standard Lift 1.8m