Gantry frame builders hoist trestle

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Gantry Frame / Builders Hoist Trestle

Gantry Frame / Builders Hoist Trestle

This steel framework is designed for use with a builders gantry hoist and is perfect for use on construction sites where scaffolding is not readily available (if it where you would probably use a scaffold hoist instead).

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Gantry Frame / Builders Hoist Trestle

This particular gantry frame or trestle comes in three main parts, the two A-frames complete with folding support brackets and the main runway beam to which the gantry hoist is attached. For additional trestle stability there are trestle tie rods available which brace out the a-frames at the bottom. The tie rods are optional although are usually recommended. Ballast boxes are also an optional extra, but highly recommended.

The ballast boxes fit to the rear of the frame and can be filled with the appropriate weight in order to counterbalance the trestle and hoist.

We have a choice of safe working loads available for the gantry frame and ballast boxes. 300 kg, 800 kg and 1000 kg can be accommodated. You can view the dimensions below.

Gantry Hoist Accessories.

We have a great choice of gantry hoist lifting accessories available to further enhance the use of your scaffold and gantry hoists. The range includes products which aid in the lifting of particular tools and materials such as hoist buckets for transporting pre-mixed or dry mortar, brick baskets for hoisting many bricks in one go and wheelbarrows and slings to lift an empty or fully loaded wheelbarrow with optimum safety.

Ordering your Lifting Equipment

Call the sales team at Lifting Gear Direct on 01384 76961 of use the contacts page to email us. We are always happy to discuss your needs and help wherever we can. Remember that as a complete Lifting Gear company we can supply all your lifting equipment needs including all types of hoisting equipment as well as offering inspections, servicing and repairs.


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