1 tonne duplex web sling

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1 Tonne Duplex Web Sling

1 Tonne Duplex Web Sling

1 Tonne web sling available from Lifting Gear Direct in a range of sizes. Colour coded for ease of identification. Buy today at great everyday low prices.

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1 Tonne Duplex Web sling Features

Here we have a 1 tonne duplex web sling which is available in 1 metre increments from 1 metre up to 8 metres in length. Suitable for a range of hitch types including straight, basket and choke hitches. 


As with many of our lifting products, the full details of what this websling can be found in the spec section below, covering its width for both simplex and duplex versions, along with its rated load capacity according to the configuration of the sling itself. 

In a simple vertical use case, a maximum load of 1 tonne can be handled, while in the case of slings being used in a basket configuration this can be increased to up to 2 tonnes. 

Use the drop-down menu to specify the length and size of the websling you require and we will supply the precise product at a competitive price point. 

Safety benefits

This webbing sling is Violet / purple in colour for easy identification to meet industry standards. Even if you adhere to the limits of this lifting sling, it is still necessary to follow broader regulations to minimise risks and also use any kit as efficiently as possible. 

Simplex slings are available to order on request. You can also get in touch with us using the details further down the page and request custom lifting equipment made at our cutting edge facility, with products of many varieties on offer. 

Use our slings and accessories in conjunction with hoists, gantries, jib cranes and a world of well made kit which we offer on our site. 

Ordering with LGD

Any question can be answered before you order when you call us on 01384 76961 or use this page to send us an email. We work tirelessly to ensure our customers are satisfied, so get in touch today to find out more and order.


Simplex Sling Endless & Duplex sling Lifting Factor  Vertical x1 Choke x 0.8 Basket 0º x 2 Basket      0-45º x 1.4 Basket 45-60º x 1
Width in mm  Width in mm Colour Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes
60 30&50 VIOLET 1 800KG 2 1.4 1