Tractel magfor ii tp magnet lifter

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Tractel Magfor II TP Magnet Lifter

Tractel Magfor II TP Magnet Lifter

The Tractel Magfor II TP is specially designed for lifting/separating thin plate materials.
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 This is closely related to the other magnetic lifters from Tractel, but is designed to speed through tasks that require steel sheets to be shifted precisely and also safely

Design of the Magfor II TP Magnetic Lifter

There are a number of unique features to the way that this product is designed. For example, the magnetic flux remains on the surface and magnetises on the first plate. This means you will not lower it onto a stack of steel sheets with the aim of removing just the top one, only to find that several have become attracted to it. 

For operations that require a quick turnaround, especially in a manufacturing environment, this kind of specialised design will be appealing. 

The Magfor II TP is available in 3 lifting capacities of 200, 400 & 800kg, and with all the usual key features of the standard Magfor II. The main difference to note with this model is that it is not capable of coping with cylindrical loads. Its plate-specific design means that this functionality is excluded. However, in the right scenario and for the right business, this will not be an issue. 

Benefits of Magnetic Lifting Equipment

As part of our wider selection of magnetic lifters, the Magfor II TP plays host to a few universal perks associated with this type of equipment. It requires almost no major maintenance over time to remain safe to use

It has a durable build, along with a simple handle-based operation. It is a permanent magnet, so will happily hold onto metallic loads indefinitely without needing to be powered. It can be attached to a hoist with ease and be snapped up at a competitive price point. 

Our battery-based magnet lifters are stronger and can manage larger loads. Our magnetic grabs can be used by hand and may suit certain organisations more than this lifter. But since you are not restricted in your choice of magnetic lifting equipment, you can scour our site and seek out exactly what you need.

 Get help with your Magfor II TP order

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Code  Model WLL On plate surface (KG) WLL On round surface (KG)  Weight (KG) Min chain Ø mm
185528 Magfor II 180 TP 180   9-12 12
185558 Magfor II 300 TP 300   15-20 16