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Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 0.5

Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 0.5

This mid-range TPM model has a maximum working load limit of 500kg, but this will be dependent on the type, size, shape and condition of the material. It can manage metal loads with flat surfaces, as well as those with rounded exteriors, which gives it the edge in terms of convenience and productivity over other lifting options.

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It is just one of the excellent Yale products we stock, with this brand being an industry leader in many market segments. 

Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 0.5 Features

  • A minimum of 25mm material/pack thickness is required to achieve the maximum WLL.
  • Flat materials of up to 3000mm may be lifted with this magnet.
  • Cylindrical materials of up to 3000mm and with a diameter of between 200-300mm can be lifted, but the WLL will be reduced to 250kg.
  • Weighs 29.5kg. 

Permanent Magnet Lifters – The Benefits

Like the many permanent lifting magnets we stock at LGD, the TPM 0.5 from Yale is built to avoid many of the limitations that come with choosing a battery powered alternative. Since there is no electricity involved in activating its magnetic properties, it will be simple and effective in a wide range of situations. From shifting metal sheets, beams and poles to lugging irregular scrap metal objects from A to B, its no-nonsense design and innate reliability are both big selling points. 

Another factor worth celebrating is its minimal maintenance requirements. Magnets are fairly straightforward, in spite of their slightly mystical properties, so there is no real need to repair or replace this bit of kit over time. Conversely with a powered setup, the battery can begin to degrade and lose performance in the long term. 

Yale TPM 0.5 Permanent Lifting Magnet Safety

The lever which activates and deactivates the magnet of this lifter is prominently displayed on the side of the unit, so it should be within easy reach. This also means it is fairly exposed and could be jogged or knocked during transit, which might lead to the load being released unexpectedly. 

For obvious reasons this handle is designed to lock in place when under load, so it will not slip out and cause a catastrophe. All you need to think about is whether the load itself is within the safe weight range, as well as how its shape will impact the capacity limits of the TPM 0.5. 

Get Lifting Magnet Help and Quotes Today

To find out all there is to know about the Yale TPM 0.5 or any other kit we stock, your best option is to call or email us. Lifting Gear Direct has an experienced, friendly team standing by to chat when you dial 01384 76961, or you can send us a message on our site. We can even be contacted via fax or letter, so the way you ask your question is up to you!

Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 0.5 dimensions

Model Dimensions 
  A mm B mm C mm D mm
TPM 0.1 122 69 185 160
TPM 0.3 192 95 225 250
TPM 0.5 232 120 270 250
TPM 0.8 302 154 320 450
TPM 1 332 154 320 450
TPM 2 392 196 420 450
Model Flat material  Round material  Tear off force (KG) Weight (KG) 
  Maximum capacity WLL (KG) Minimum thickness to obtain max WLL (mm) Maximum length of material (mm)  Maximum capacity WLL (KG) Diameter (mm) Maximum length of material (mm)     
TPM 0.1 100 15 2000 50 200-300 2000 300 6
TPM 0.3 300 19 2500 150 200-300 2500 900 15.5
TPM 0.5 500 25 3000 250 200-300 3000 1500 29.5
TPM 0.8 800 35 3500 400 200-300 3500 2400 53
TPM 1 1000 40 3500 500 200-300 3500 3000 60
TPM 2 2000 55 3500 1000 200-400 3500 6000 126