Stainless steel lifting shackles dee with safety bolt

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Stainless Steel Lifting Shackles - Dee with Safety Bolt

Stainless Steel Lifting Shackles - Dee with Safety Bolt

These shackles are the stainless steel lifting shackles - Dee with safety bolt type. They are fully load tested and rated to tackle loads weighing up to five tonnes.
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The dee design means that they can only handle inline lifting, but the upside is that they are a little stronger than an equivalent stainless steel bow shackle. Let us take you through the design, features and advantages of these shackles, before providing a few alternative options. 

Assets of Stainless Steel Dee Lifting Shackles

These shackles are perfect for more permanent types of lifting operations and are commonly used in marine and off-shore environments due to their good corrosion resistance, as well as general lifting operations. 

They are manufactured with stainless steel materials to EN10088 1.4404 (316L) and come in a polished finish. This means that if they get clogged with dirt, smattered with debris or smeared with unwanted substances, you can quickly clean this off and leave them looking good as new in an instant. This gives them a long life as well as an eye-catching attractiveness, which may be relevant if these shackles are going to be on show in a high traffic location. 

Safety Stats & Load Limits

Safety Factor: MBL = 6 x WLL - this equates to the minimum weight at which the shackle may break at 6 times the normal working load limits, for example a shackle with a working load limit of 500kg will not break until it is overloaded by 6 x this figure = 3000kg, however this does not mean you can repeatedly overload the shackles, this figure is a built in safety precaution. 

Lifting Gear Direct can supply these stainless steel lifting shackles - dee type with safety bolt in a wide range of WLL's up to 5000kg and incremental dimensions which relate to the size chosen. 

Getting the right shackle is all about making sure that the load limit and safety factor correlate with your intended use. If you are uncertain about this for any reason, get in touch with us using the details below. 

Looking for different shackles?

We can also supply other types of stainless steel shackles at competitive prices with quick delivery. Our lifting shackle range extends well beyond these highly polished examples, branching out to include dee shackles and bow shackles of many varieties. 

From cost-conscious commercial dee shackles to range-topping green pin dee shackles, the choice is almost endless. You can even ask us to add different coatings and accessories to your order if required. We try to tailor everything to the individual needs of each customer, so do not feel shy about making a special request. 

The same bespoke versatility is part and parcel of our own brand lifting gear. We can supply jib cranes, gantries and components of many kinds. You can also check out the other brands we supply to customers to get an idea of the breadth of choice you have when you order from us. 

Ready to order shackles?

There are plenty of ways to get more information on our lifting gear products, or to place an order with us. You can email our sales team from our website, or give them a ring on 01384 76961. They can provide advice, point you towards the perfect equipment and give you a quote for added peace of mind. Get in touch today for the best advice around!

Working Load Limit Diameter Bow Diameter Pin Width Inside Length Inside Weight per 100 Pieces  
kgs a mm b mm e mm f mm kg stainless steel lifting shackle
350 6 6 13 5 4.8
500 8 8 16 32 7.5
800 9.5 10 19 38 13.6
1000 11 12 22 44 21.2
1250 12.7 12 26 52 33.1
1800 14.3 16 29 58 58.5
2800 16 20 32 64 76
3300 19 22 38 76 118
4500 22 24 44 88 175
5000 25.4 27 50 100 260