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Yale CPV/F Electric Hoist

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Yale CPV/F Electric Hoist

2 models available, single or dual speed.

  • Available in capacities from 125kg up to 2000kg. 
  • Upper and lower limit switches to extend the life of the slip clutch, motor & gearbox. 
  • Easily removable load sprocket and chain guide (for inspection/repairs, etc.) 
  • Electro-magnetic spring brake (holds load even if power fails) 
  • Externally adjustable slip clutch. 
  • Suspension lug for reduced headroom. 
  • Oil bath lubricated gearbox with helical cut gearing to optimize smooth operation & low noise. 
  • Compatible with VTE/S trolleys. 
  • Encapsulated pendant control (42v low voltage) 
  • H3 class motor, protected to IP55 against dust ingress & water jets. 
  • Duty cycle = 50% ED for single speed. 
  • Main line contactor for extra safety. 
  • Designed to FEM 1 Am. H3 (Hmi) 
  • Operating voltage = 400v, 3Ph, 50hz.

Optional Extras

  • Suspension hook
  • Radio remote control
  • Stainless load chain 
  • Thermal overload
  • Festoon system
  • Chain container 

Technical Data

ModelCapacity in kg/number of chain fallsChain dimensions d x p (mm)Classification FEM/ISOLifting speed main lift m/minLifting speed fine lift m/minHoist Motor (kW)Motor Rating ED%Weight suspension lug (KG)Weight push trolley (KG)Weight electric trolley (KG)
CPV 2-8250/14 x 12.21Am/M48 0.3750192833
CPV/F 2-8250/14 x 12.21Am/M4820.37/0.0933/17192833
CPV 5-4500/24 x 12.21Am/M44 0.3750192833
CPV/F 5-4500/24 x 12.21Am/M4410.37/0.0933/17192833
CPV 5-8500/15 x 15.1 1Am/M48 0.7550264149
CPV/F 5-8500/15 x 15.1 1Am/M4820.75/0.1833/17274250
CPV 10-41000/25 x 15.1 1Am/M44 0.7550284351
CPV/F 10-41000/25 x 15.1 1Am/M4410.75/0.1833/17294452
CPV 10-81000/17.1 x 20.51Am/M48 1.550587784
CPV/F 10-81000/17.1 x 20.51Am/M4821.5/0.3733/17597885
CPV 20-42000/27.1 x 20.51Am/M44 1.550638289
CPV/F 20-42000/27.1 x 20.51Am/M4411.5/0.3733/17648390


A, mm327327357430431528
A1, mm163163196196234234
A2 (Size I), mm413413476476564564
A2 (Size II), mm  526526644644
A2 (Size III), mm  606606734734
A2 (Size IV), mm  798798934934
B, mm232322292937
B1, mm121215152020
C, mm303029353540
C1, mm303038384545
C2, mm105105105105154154
D, mm161615212126
D1, mm 121215151515
E, mm 205205277277326326
G, mm 102102120144140173
G1 (Size I), mm124124142166175208
G1 (Size II), mm  162186175208
G1 (Size III), mm  162186175208
G1 (Size IV), mm   162186175208
H, mm9999157133186154
H2, mm9292158158186186
K (CPV), mm  208208285285
K (CPVF), mm215215208208285285
M (Size I), mm 157157162162209209
M (Size II), mm  197197209209
M (Size III), mm   197197209209
M (Size IV),mm   197197209209
Nⁱ, mm 159159219219274274
ⁱfor 230 V, 1-phase, 50Hz: +35mm