Delta push travel beam trolley

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Delta Push Travel Beam Trolley

Delta Push Travel Beam Trolley

When you need to attach lifting equipment such as a hoisting device to a beam you will require additional equipment which fits directly to the beam. Beam trolley s and beam clamps are the most commonly used products for this scenario. This product page looks at the Delta push travel trolley however you can find many other types of beam attachments here.

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About the Delta Push Travel Trolley

The Delta push travel beam trolley can fit a range of ‘I’ beams with maximum widths 305mm and minimum widths of just 50mm; you can find the exact sizes for each model in the table below. The beam trolley can be fitted to the lower flange of a standard ‘I’ beam which may be part of a fixed building structure or a beam on a crane. These trolleys are commonly used in warehouses, factories, garages and other industrial areas.

Our beam trolley can be adjusted to ensure it fits the beam securely. This is carried out by means of the central screw/equalizer pin which also consists of the lifting eye. The screw incorporates opposite threads at either end; one right handed and one left handed; when the screw it turned the clamp will tighten onto the beam. It is essential that the beam trolley fits securely and moves easily across the beam without slipping off. Always test the fit and movement without a load initially to ensure optimum safety. The wheels should sit comfortable on the flange of the beam with the outer wheel flange sitting just over the edge (about 6mm).

Once the trolley is fitted securely to the beam, it can be used for attaching a hoist, lifting loads and moving them across the length of the beam. The hoisting device can be fitted to the central eye on the screw pin with its top safety hook. Because this is a manual push travel trolley you will need to push the load which will, in turn move the trolley across the beam; always push, never pull!


Other Types of Beam Attachments

If you would like to move loads across a beam with less effort, then one of our geared trolleys may suit you better. These are operated by pulling down on a chain which moves over gears to drive the trolley across the beam to which it is fitted. Powered trolley systems are also available; these are electrically controlled via a pendant or remote control.

Beam clamps are another form or attaching loads and hoisting devices to a beam although these are a static device and remain fixed in position until it is moved. We also have a range of girder clamps which can fit a wider range of beams.

Get In Touch with Lifting Gear Direct

If you need some more help with choosing the right kind of trolley or other beam attachment then you can discuss your requirements with one of our team on 01384 76961. Placing an order is easy too, tell us what you need to order over the phone, or you can use the new request a quote button. Alternatively email us with your details via the rapid enquiry form or contact us page.


Model Capacity (tonne) Test Load (t) Suitable Beam Width (mm) Min. Radius (m) Wheel Diameter (Radius MM) Net Weight (kg)
DY0500 0.5t 0.625 50 – 305 0.5 55 5.4
DY1000 1t 1.25 58 – 305 0.7 68 9.3
DY2000 2t 2.5 66 – 305 0.9 80 14.8
DY3000 3t 3.75 74 – 305 1.2 100 24.1
DY5000 5t 6.25 90 – 305 1 120 41.1

Capacity (t) A B C D E G H J K
0.5 198 68 40 94 82 385 28 25 13
1 238 82 31 102 85 388 37 29 17
2 277 95 31 119 99 405 48 36 20
3 324 116 31 139 113 429 56 46 26
5 373 138






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